Durango Mountain Resort

If you are looking for the perfect destination for your winter holiday then Durango Mountain Resort, with the surrounding San Juan Mountains is the perfect place to visit. There are countless activities that are available during winter, and families will be able to feel right at home in the resort surroundings. This is a perfect get away if you are looking to leave the stress of modern day living behind you. Some of the activities that you can enjoy at this ski resort are as follows.

Durango Mountain Resort, previously known as Purgatory, is a ski resort located in the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado. This is a ski resort that is popular with skiers, and there are many other fun activities that are available in the summer as well. This resort is located 42 miles to the north of the town of Durango, but this has not deterred regular visitors from making the trip to that place. For over four decades, the resort has served as a world class entertainment spot for both locals and visitors. This is because it offers a wide range of adventurous activities, both during winter and summer. Those who have been there confess that Durango Mountain Resort is easily one of Colorado’s best kept secrets.

durango mountain resort

Durango Mountain Resort have great Facilities

If you are a person who is looking for a memorable trip, then Durango Mountain Resort is the ideal place to travel. There are excellent facilities at this resort and this place is equipped to ensure that your stay is worth your while however short it may be.

The ski resort is more than equipped to ensure your stay, however short, is worth the time. Durango Mountain Resort boasts some of the best transport systems to help you transcend the rugged trains of the San Juan Mountains. It is endowed with 11 ski lifts to take guests from peak to peak. The most talked about transportation system is the “flying couch”, which is nicknamed the ‘six pack’. It is able to transport six people at a time. This one can support up to six people at a time, enabling your entire family up to the mountain to explore the terrain together. Durango Mountain Resort also has a high-speed quad lift that get you really fast to the top of the mountain, and lets you see so much in a short time.

Winter Sports in Durango
Winter sports are very popular in Durango Mountain Resort, and there are many activities that you can engage in during your winter vacation. One such activity is snowshoeing through the snow-capped alpine forests. Some of the activities you can engage in include:

Tourneys across hundreds of miles in well groomed trails that worm through the slopes and foothills of the beautiful mountains. That awesome groomed trails are characteristic of this mountain resort, and one thing that visitors have to do is to ski down the mountain slope. There is a massive ten thousand feet of ski area and skiers can never get enough of this.

A high octane snowmobiling excursion through the mountain trails which characterize the entire area
One thing you must do at Durango Mountain Resort is skiing. With a massive 10,822 ft. ski area, you just can’t have enough of it. With an annual snowfall averaging 68.8 inches every year, you can be sure to have enough fresh powder to slice through.

You can have the time of your life with your family and the Durango Mountain Resort is committed to ensuring that your time there is as memorable as possible. The time that you have available to spend with your family is fleeting and so you should make the most of the little time that you have.

Summer Activities
For those who simply love to kick back and relax in the sun, Durango Mountain Resort is also the place for you. With an inexhaustible lot of intriguing summer activities, you won’t get bored even for a second. If playing mini golf doesn’t work for you then you can try the outrageous mountain biking. For those with a passion for adventure, Durango Mountain Resort will spoil you with thrilling horse rides. For the children, special kids camps are always in place to let them bring out all the energy in them. You can also take part in wall climbing or do the Alpine slide. To put the icing on the cake, state of the art rooms and delicious recipes will be waiting for you in the end. It just doesn’t get better than Durango Mountain Resort.