A Skiing Vacation at the Durango Mountain Resort

Winters are not liked by many people owing to the extreme cold temperatures except for lovers of winter adventures such as skiing. The Durango Mountain Resort situated 25 miles to the North of Durango to the South West of Colorado offers perfect scenery for skiing on the attractive San Juan Mountains. To begin with the mountain neighbouring the Durango ski Resort stands at a height of 10,822 feet and a 2,029 feet a vertical and experiences up to 260 inches of snowfall. This area covers over 2,500 acres that is used for skiing. There are a total of 75 trails for skiing. Guests to the Durango Mountain Resort can expect nothing but the best of experiences as the resort caters for snowboarders, skiers as well as other guests fun at all levels during winter. To begin with, the Durango Ski Resort has eleven lifts which have an uphill capacity of about fifteen thousand and fifty people per hour. That is there is the surface lift, a magic carpet, three double chairs, four triple chairs a high speed quad as well as a high speed 6. According to the Durango Ski Resort it is believed that at any given time, there are at least two people in each acre. As such, the Durango Mountain Resort is preferred of all the ski resorts around. This is because it is quite and peaceful place to relax away from the hassles and bustles of life. In fact, in Durango Ski Resort there are smaller and there are no queues at the lifts. This is among the reasons this resort is preferred.

Durango Mountain Resort #1 Ski Vacation Resort you can be in the US!

The Durango Mountain Resort has been ranked as the number one resort for winter in North America. This is because although the snow fall goes a high as 260 inches per year, the days following the winter are considered as bluebird days. Moreover, the winter grooming here is also considered to be the best within Colorado owing to the alpine skiing, snow cat skiing, snowboarding, cross country as well as snow tubing. Although accommodation is available at the Durango Mountain Resort, the town of Durango whose history dates back to 1890 has historical building that were not only used in Third and Main avenue but also offer lodging facilities to visitors coming to this town and do not want accommodation at the resort.

When going for skiing in Durango Mountain Resort, you do not need to worry about your meals as there are numerous establishments that offer excellent delicacies among them the Durango Ski Resort. This is especially designed to cater for visitors staying at the resort on full board basis even though those who wish to walk in and grab a meal without necessarily being residents are welcome to do so. This is because, although Durango itself is considered to be a small town, it has so much to offer that you will be spoilt for choice. You do not have to worry about your skiing equipment because if you are not bale to bring yours along, you could as well take advantage of those skiing as well as snowboarding equipment that are up for rental to both individuals as well as groups at a fee. Amateurs in both snowboarding and skiing also do not need to be worried because there are lesson offered at the Durango Mountain Resort. Besides, winters at this resort are fun because there are numerous other activities both at the Durango Ski Resort and the Durango town as a whole that will sure keep every family member entertained. If you desire to have a fun filled winter together with your family then you should seriously consider going to the Durango Mountain Resort that is a remarkable place and has won the praise of many for its unique experiences. Moreover you can be sure to learn a thing or two on skiing and snowboarding from the professionals who have been in it for years. What’s more? You do not have to burden yourself with your skiing gear unless you are considering cutting costs because the resort offers snowboarding and skating gear for rental to its clients. If you are wondering about how to spend you next winter, there you have it.