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Visit Durango Mountain Resort for the greatest family fun

Durango Mountain Resort is popularly known by its former name, the purgatory. It is found near Durango town. In fact, it will take you only thirty minutes to get downtown. While you are there, you will realize that there are many changes such as a super chair for six passengers and with high speed. This chair whisks you to the top of the mountain in just six minutes. At the Durango Mountain Resort you will also notice a new terrain that has a beautiful park. This has a new half pipe with a new design. There are also multiple boxes and rail sections with additional consecutive sets of tabletops. You will also be met by new air hits that look bigger and better when you arrive at Durango Mountain Resort. These are among the many additions and improvements that will meet you when you visit Durango Mountain Resort.

durango mountain resort

There are other better and beautiful additions that include the new programs for the snowboard and the new ski. These are designed to cater for the family and children effectively. They will enjoy the learning from the new center for nighttime lessons. This has an improved snow making capacity that has been increased by 25 percent. Considering the fact that Durango mountain resort has been a choice of many snowboarders and skiers, these improvements can only make it better. When you visit the resort, you will notice the apparent difference brought by these improvements.

Many people who have been at the Durango Mounain resort for family fun events will agree that this is the destination to go for quality enjoyment. Many people have been trooping there from various parts of the world. Its large area that it occupies makes it even better for having family fun. It spans over 2,400 acres. Out of these, 723 acres are covered by well maintained terrain. You will enjoy and have fun as you view and walk 40 miles of Nordic trails that are well groomed. These are covered by about 260 inches of a layer of snow.

Many reputable people are known to troop there during their vacation. It has received many accolades and honors. In fact, Darungo Mountain Resort has been ranked as the second largest ski area that is crowded in the continent. This is according to Snow Country magazine. The San Juan Mountains that has a majestic needle and La plata ranges provides a beautiful view as they jut up surrounding the resort. These are compared by many visitors to the Alps than the rockies. The Jean Claude Killy is known as the most beautiful scenery one can find among the Italian Alps of this side of the world. This area is known for having the best weather in this area of North America.

It is also know to entertain visitors during summer. Alpine slide is one of the main activities that visitors undertake when they visit Durango Mountain Resort during summer. Visitors with daring souls can try biking down this beautiful mountain after a great ride to the top of the mountain.Generally, Durango Mountain Resort is the best destination ever for great family fun.


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